A 28-year-old New Hampshire woman reported that her wallet, containing a family heirloom, was stolen while she was in Chipotle, 71 Post Road, June 21, according to police.

The woman saw the wallet before entering the Mexican fast food restaurant, but when she went to pay for her order, she found that her wallet was missing, Darien police said.

She told police she never put her purse down and didn't feel anyone reach into her bag, but was certain it was taken while in Chipotle, police said.

The wallet contained $14, three credit cards, a New Hampshire driver's license and a rose gold ring with a pink diamond, police said. The woman was distraught about the ring, the value of which is unknown, because it belonged to her recently deceased grandmother, police said.

Police said the surveillance footage from Chipotle does not substantiate the woman's claims, police said.

The incident is under investigation.