Mental illness, suicide survivor inspires at Darien Library

Darien's Lily Genovese and guest speaker Emily Torchiana

Darien's Lily Genovese and guest speaker Emily Torchiana


Thursday night, TedX speaker Emily Torchiana visited Darien Library for the second annual time.

Torchiana founded Lost Got Found, a non profit organization focusing on helping those struggling with mental illness, in 2017.

Since then, she has been speaking around the country at different venues and universities spreading her message: You are not alone.

Torchiana shared her story to a room jam-packed with listeners. She shared how her high school cyber-bullying experience brought her to post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and eventually a suicide attempt.

After her attempt, Torchiana was on her trek to happiness again. She attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina and started her journey of mental health advocacy there through her school.

Torchiana also shared that only three days after visiting Darien Library last year, she was drugged at a bar in Philadelphia and raped. She shared the importance of the break she took from speaking between that moment and now; she needed to take care of herself and focus on her mental health.

Torchiana will hopefully return next year to share her story again.

To learn more about Lost Go Found or to make a donation, visit