Edwin Vargas, 40, of Port Chester, N.Y., was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, a Survivor knife with a 12.5-inch blade, Wednesday, May 30, at approximately 11 a.m. According to the report, he was originally pulled over after police said he illegally passed a Darien squad car on the right side of Post Road while operating a 2009 Suzuki motorcycle.

According to the report, Vargas was carrying a large backpack that contained the knife, which police said was wrapped in a bandana. When questioned about the contents of the backpack, Vargas refused to provide this information and took a defensive posture. Police felt a large object, later determined to be the knife, while patting him down. Police also found a second knife in Vargas' boot with a blade smaller than the legal limit of 4 inches.

Police said Vargas has a criminal history, including sexual assault, aggravated assault, assault and battery, threatening and stalking.

A $5,000 bond was set, which Vargas did not post. He appeared in court the following day.

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