DARIEN — Allegedly dangling his snowplow attachment over a car led to breach of peace charges against a 49-year-old Norwalk man.

On Jan. 4, the day of the “bomb cyclone,” police responded to the Darien Fire Department around 5:30 p.m. over an incident that occurred while the Post Road facility’s back lot was being plowed earlier in the day. A 29-year-old Darien woman told police Gregory Twardy had come to the lot with his payloader to plow the area.

Several hours later, Twardy returned with the payloader with a snowplow attachment and began beeping the horn. The Darien woman looked out the firehouse window and saw Twardy destroy a wooden guard rail, used as a bench by the fire department, by dropping his snowplow on it. The Darien woman told police Twardy then drove across the lot, lifted the plow and dangled it over her car. The woman said she left the fire house to confront Twardy who told her, “I thought that would get your attention.” Twardy left the scene without damaging the car.

Police said they went to Twardy’s West Norwalk Road home in Norwalk. Twardy said the woman had asked him to plow the rear lot of the fire department. He also said he didn’t realize he’d damaged the bench. He told police he raised the plow over the woman’s car as a joke, saying, “she knows me.”

Several members of the fire department who witnessed the incident provided written statements corroborating what happened. Fire department officials did not want to press charges for the destroyed bench. Police instead issued Twardy a misdemeanor summons for breach of peace. He was released on a promise to appear in court Jan. 16.

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