DARIEN — Police spent days searching the area of Rings End Road after a 30-year-old Stamford man was reportedly assaulted there during a confrontation on the road.

On April 14 around 5:45 p.m., the man was driving on Rings End Road when he swerved to avoid hitting a white man in a blue shirt walking along the side of the road next to a child on a bicycle. The man was around 5 feet 10 inches tall with brown hair.

The man in the road reportedly swore at the Stamford man, causing him to stop his car to confront the man in the road. The two men exchanged words before the pedestrian headbutted the driver and pushed him. The driver was not injured in this encounter.

Police responded to the scene and checked the area. They were unable to find the man with the child. Officers searched the area around the same time in the following days but didn’t find anyone who fit the description of the suspect.

Police made several attempts to follow up with the victim. When the victim was reached on April 24, he said he didn’t wish to continue to pursue the matter. All further investigation into this incident has been suspended.

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