Three employees of a magazine company were arrested after they failed to obtain a permit to sell magazines in town.

Roshawn Wallace, 20, of Chicago, Ill., Tamika Ross, 25, of New Orleans, La., and Shakeichia Jackson, 18, of Augusta, Ga., were arrested May 10 in Darien for soliciting without a permit. A resident called police after Wallace approached her home at 7:54 p.m. to ask her if she would like to purchase magazines, police said. Wallace told an officer he worked for Unity Management, police said. He was fined $199 and a representative from Unity Management paid it, police said. He was scheduled to appear in court on May 20.

Ross and Jackson were arrested after police received a complaint at 3 p.m. that a woman was walking up driveways and looking into cars, police said. Ross and Jackson were also fined $199 which was paid by a representative from Unity Management, police said. They were scheduled to appear in court on May 20 but police said the company would most likely forfeit the fine and not have anyone appear in court.

Police are cautioning residents to not open their doors after dark if they feel uncomfortable and to call the police to report suspicious behavior. A legitimate solicitor should wear a badge.