The Middlesex Middle School Quiz Bowl teams recently traveled to Hackensack, N.J., to take part in the third annual Bergen Academies Junior Academic Competition.

The tournament field was comprised of 28 of the best teams from New York, New Jersey, Delaware and four teams from Middlesex.

While all four of the MMS teams did well at the competition, the Black team and the Blue team made the playoffs. The Black team finished 11th overall.

The Black team consisted of seventh-graders Megan Cunningham, Greyson Etheridge, Charlotte Juan, Griffin Samroengraja and Alexander van Dijkum and sixth-grader Jackson Leone.

The Blue team went 5-0 in preliminary play, but lost to the eventual champions in the semifinals and walked away with a fourth-place finish. The team was lead by the captain, eighth-grader Julia Tong, and featured eighth-grader Casey Martin, seventh-graders Thomas Brown, Folke Bruno and Evan Tong and sixth-grader John Phipps.

The other two MMS teams, the Silver Team and the White team, fell one victory shy of making the playoffs. The Silver team members included eighth-grader Brett Peters and seventh-graders Marshall Bessey, Kieran Daly, Ria Dhull, Willem Scheddeboom and Olivia Yoo. The White Team finished 3-2 and featured seventh-graders Catherine Garrett, Caroline Orphanos and Shashank Sangaru and sixth-graders Nick Derby, Shriya Desai and Maya Nalwade.

Of special note, three of the top 10 overall individual scorers were from Middlesex. Tong was first, Samroengraja was fourth and Scheddeboom was seventh.

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