Long-time Johnny’s and Co. owners Johnny and Lucille Delmonaco have sold the salon and are retiring, they told The Darien Times last week.

After coming home from the army in 1955, Johnny Delmonaco got his barbering license in 1956 and started to work in the Noroton Shopping Center. In 1960, he opened his own barber shop called Noroton Hair Shop, which stayed on Heights Road for over 40 years in the Linden Cleaners Shopping Plaza. It has since been sold their niece Maria Shapiro, who ran it for over 13 years.

Concerning the recent changes taking place in Noroton Heights, Johnny and Lucille said, “Unfortunately because of the tearing down of the Noroton Shopping Center, many of our businesses have had to relocate or close for good.”

The reason why the Delmonacos began looking for other location to move was so their family that were and still are employed at Johnny’s and Company would not lose their jobs and so Johnny and Lucille would not lose everything they worked for.

“Being on Heights Road for over 54 of those years with Noroton Hair Shop, Johnny’s barber shop next to the Doughnut Inn. Then we became so busy we had to move again to Noroton Heights Shopping Center next to Heights Pizza, our favorite pizza, and Barrett Book Store, another favorite of ours, it was a great combination of stores. We all helped each other.”

Johnny and Lucille continued, “Unfortunately because of all the changes in town on Heights Road, many old owners and favorite stop offs are gone. We will never forget the people of Darien and the Heights.”

The Delmonacos sold the shop to Julia Casablanca, who they say “has also been a sought-after hair dresser in Darien and New Canaan for over 15 years.”

They also shared some words for the people of Darien. “We want to thank all of Darien’s loyalty to us, and making Johnny, now 87 years old, an icon in this town! You will be missed. But change must happen and we believe for the good.”

“An important note, all of your favorite hair cutters will remain. Please continue to support what is now Julia and Company. You will be missed. We are so grateful to Darien and surrounding towns that supported us through good times and rough times.”

Johnny and Lucille will be at the barber shop on Saturdays to say goodbye to the residents of Darien until October 1.