Recently, a group of aspiring ballerinas from the Darien School of Dance attended New York City Ballet's In Motion workshop at Lincoln Center with their teacher Brigita McLeod, a certified teacher and director of the school.

"Young dancers need to be exposed to all types of dance training," McLeod said. "New York City Ballet offers a fabulous educational workshop where a company dancer teaches a class and talks about what life is like in the world renown ballet company. The teaching artist, Silas Farley, also taught a variation from `Carnival of the Animals', a ballet that the children saw performed in a matinee performance later that day. It was such an inspiring day of dance."

During the workshop, Tess Keating, of Darien, who is a student of the School of Dance, was asked to perform her highest jump. Keating complied with an incredibly high jump with perfect technique and precision. She was asked to jump again and Farley assisted by lifting her high into the air.

The moment was captured on camera by New York City Ballet associate photographer Rosalie O'Connor.

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