To the Editor:

On Jan. 18, the Darien Democratic Town Committee at a special meeting adopted the following resolution:

We, the members of the Darien Democratic Town Committee, strongly urge that a motion of censure be introduced and debated in the United States Congress condemning the racially divisive statements of President Donald J. Trump. Since his inauguration last January, President Trump has engaged in, and approved of, indecorous racist behavior, language, and policies that have resulted in this endorsement of censure.

Among President Trump’s actions leading to our resolution are his call for a Muslim travel ban, his retweeting of racist anti-Muslim videos, his encouragement of white supremacist and neo-fascist marchers in Charlottesville, Va., and most recently, his use of vile language to denigrate and demean immigrants of color from countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

President Trump’s pattern of actions and words cannot be ignored, excused or condoned and must be called what it is “racist,” “xenophobic” and “un-American.”

The Darien Democratic Town Committee calls upon its federally-elected officials to support a Congressional censure of President Trump to let him know — and to assure the world — that “We the People” of the United States do not stand with this president when he invokes racial and cultural differences to pit Americans against each other.

We invite all residents of Darien to stand with us and to write to U.S. Rep. Jim Himes and Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy to ask them to support a Congressional resolution of censure against President Donald J. Trump.

David F. Bayne

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Chairman of Darien Democratic Town Committee

To the Editor:

On Jan. 7, Middlesex Middle School hosted the Charter Oak Scholastic Open attended by 34 teams across the country. Though this year’s competition was extremely competitive, two of the 10 MMS teams that participated in the competition, respectively A and B teams, finished in the top 15 percent. Members from these teams were also top individual scorers.

Middlesex Middle School has now qualified for the national championship competition being held in Chicago in May.

The tremendous success of the tournament is attributed to the support of our local community.

Many thanks to school administration, teachers, coaches, parents, high school students and Quiz Bowl alumni for their outstanding commitment.

A special thank you to the local business community for their generous contributions. Donors include Vavala’s Deli, Whole Foods Market, Dunkin Donuts of Darien, Neat Coffee, Palmer’s, Chocolate Works of Darien, Trader Joe’s, Chase, Darien Donut, Aziz Seyal, Samuel J. Bernstein, Heights Pizza and Andrew Stefanou Salon.

A big thank you to MiddleSex coaches Ken Romeo, Barbra Ivey, Andrew Turriago, Mike Bowersox, Liisa Peterson and Pat Medoza. The countless hours spent during practice sessions and tournaments are appreciated by everyone in this outstanding program.

Daniel Ebrahimi


To the Editor:

The Connecticut Department of Health recently announced that it was giving away free radon test kits during the first two weeks National Radon Action Month.

That offer expired on Jan. 12. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from getting their home tested for this odorless, clear and extremely harmful gas.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, and the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. It silently accumulates in buildings and homes all over the country, and Connecticut is no exception. There are no symptoms and without proactively testing for radon — a known carcinogen — there is no way to tell if you and your family may be at risk.

Testing your home for radon should be a priority for all home owners and landlords as well as employers. If you haven’t had your space tested yet, the American Lung Association can provide you with a low-cost kit available online at

Ruth Canovi

Editor’s note: The writer is director of public policy for the American Lung Association in Connecticut.

To the Editor:

I commute to Manhattan daily on Metro-North’s New Haven line, where the service has gotten markedly worse over the past decade, deteriorating from merely annoying to downright deplorable.

The trend continues apace in the first days of 2018. Trains are chronically late, short cars more often than not, and breaking down more frequently than ever regardless of the season.

This means that commuters are often late to work or school, that trains that used to be eight cars long are now usually six, resulting in no seats and packed aisles and vestibules, usually by Fairfield.

When that happens, many conductors — who are not responsible for assigning equipment — stay in their cubbyholes for most or all of the trip because they can’t physically pass through the cars and they don’t want to listen to grief from riders when the problem is not their fault.

This also means that the conductors routinely leave revenue on the table by not collecting fares, often on multiple days a week, at the same time fares are steadily rising and the MTA and Connecticut DOT cry poor mouth.

Now, Connecticut’s incompetent but reliably arrogant governor, the clown college that passes for the Legislature and the dangerously inept DOT want over several years another total 20 percent hike in rail fares.

This is supposedly because the Special Transportation Fund, created after the fatal Mianus River Bridge failure and fueled by what is now the sixth highest gasoline tax in the U.S., is supposedly broke.

If true, why is that?

It’s because these self-dealing hacks and their equally larcenous predecessors repeatedly robbed the fund to pay for other goodies — usually to benefit state employee unions and the other financial overlords who fund their campaigns.

Prediction: Even widespread public outrage over this proposed fare hike won’t change a single thing. Service will continue to deteriorate, fares will continue to rise, other infrastructure will keep crumbling, and Connecticut’s economy will continue to swirl down the drain.

Bob Fredericks