Letters to the Editor: Community Health and Wellness Calendar

To the Editor:

The Darien Health Department has launched a new initiative to help promote community awareness and involvement in locally sponsored events relating to personal health and wellness. Each month, organizations in town host many educational events that are open to the public; however, it is often very difficult to inform the public and create effective community participation.

In response to this challenge, the Health Department has created a Community Health and Wellness Calendar. This online tool is available as a resource for residents to see at a glance what events are upcoming or of interest in helping learn more about leading healthy lives. The calendar is a Google calendar, which allows for multiple people to have scheduling capabilities.

The Darien Library, Darien Community Fund, Post 53, Darien Senior Center, Darien Depot, the Darien YMCA and the Thriving Youth Task Force have graciously supported this project and will be participating. These organizations will continuously update and schedule events related to healthy lives, while the Health Department monitors the calendar to make sure events are relevant, while adding events offered by other organizations, as well. The calendar is intended to be a key step to creating a healthier and more involved Darien community.

You may access the calendar through the Darien Health Department website, www.darienhealth.com.

Good health!

David Knauf

Director, Darien Health Department