Vote for Bob Stefanowski

To the editor:

I do not believe that either of the candidates for governor of the state of Connecticut decided to run for the fun of it, but rather that each had plans to bring our state back from the cliff it is teetering on.

However under the circumstances, there is only one candidate that is the answer for this election. Bob Stefanowski has no axe to grind outside of the state or in it. He is an established businessman with a viable plan to bring our state back to its financial feet, and definitely, it is time for a change! I believe in the two party system, and if there had been any member of the “loyal opposition” to insist that Gov. Malloy do something about taxes and the fact that businesses and people are fleeing this state, he might have had to change course.

If we vote for Ned Lamont, there will be nobody to hold his feet to the fire for his programs or anything bad he does. Our only recourse will be to wait for another four years for the next election. Vote for Bob Stefanowski, or over the cliff we may go.

Noel Bradley