Thanks to Chamber of Commerce

To the Editor:

The Depot - Darien Youth Center would like to thank the Darien Chamber of Commerce for their generous donation from this year’s “Taste of Darien” charity event held on Oct. 18. We recognize and appreciate that the support of our community and local businesses is what makes Darien so unique.

The evening was a crowd-pleasing mixture of food, wine and silent auction action. Once again, BMW of Darien hosted this special event. Darien Butcher Shop, Darien Cheese & Fine Foods, Fjord Fish Market, The Goose American Bistro, Louie’s Italian Restaurant, Michael Joseph’s Fine Foods, Palmer’s Darien, and SoNo Baking Co. all turned out in support of this annual community event and provided delicious food for attendees. All wines tasted were provided by WinePort of Darien.

Proceeds from this magical evening were donated in equal measure to The Depot, Star Inc., and the Darien Chamber Charitable Foundation for Scholarship.

As a direct result of the evening’s fundraising efforts, a part of the Depot’s essential capital project needs has been secured. It costs at least $90,000 per year to operate the Depot building, and our ability to continue to provide numerous and varied community programs for so many student and adult programs will continue to expand and thrive.

None of this would have happened without the partnership and support of the Darien Chamber of Commerce. They made every aspect of this event a success. Thank you DCC for all that you do.

Kathy Arrix and Catherine McNear

The Depot Youth Center co-presidents

Data privacy and Connecticut voters

To the Editor:

Without your direct consent, the state of Connecticut is selling your voter registration data. According to the Office of the Secretary of the State, Connecticut is allowed under the Freedom of Information Act of 1974, to make public voter registration records. The Help America Vote Act of 2000 forced towns across Connecticut to abandon their local voting registration procedures and instead conform to state requirements that centralize voter data in Hartford. In combination, these two mandates have stripped registered Connecticut voters of their data privacy in exchange for their right to vote.

Your full name, address, phone number, birth date, and political affiliation along with your voting history are captured, stored, then sold and made available through online search engines and websites. Google and Facebook have come under public and Congressional scrutiny for selling user data without explicit consent. Shouldn’t local and state government be held to equal standards?

Unfortunately, in Connecticut, a ballot referendum to stop this abuse of personal data is not an option. Residents must depend on local politicians to push for change. Nearly impossible, as politicians are the very people who benefit most from easy access to voter information when targeting their campaigns.

No American citizen should be threatened, bullied, harassed, or victimized because their personal data has become public record. Registered Nutmeg voters can be shut out of job opportunities or discriminated against due to their political affiliation or age made public through this violation of privacy. Contact your state representative today to stop the state of Connecticut from selling your data without your consent. It’s time to reclaim our privacy rights.

Hillary Long