To the Editor:

Off and running!  It is an honor to be unanimously endorsed to run for another term as State Representative for the 141st district in Norwalk and Darien. Thank you to Jayme Stevenson for nominating me, and Maggie Trujillo for seconding. I am grateful for the trust of all the delegates to continue to serve as their voice in Hartford.

While our state faces many important issues, none is more critical, by far, than the need to stabilize our fiscal situation and create an environment for economic growth. But, this is not new news.  

We are the only state in the country that has not regained all the jobs lost in the 2008.  We must change our policies to change our dire economic outlook. The era of denial and deflection by the majority must end for our state’s economy to grow. Far left progressive policies that have been punitive to the state’s business climate, job creators and retirees have failed miserably.  

I will continue to advocate for fiscal common sense that promotes economic growth in our state.

In addition to creating sound fiscal policy, I look forward to continuing my work on legislation that protects our social service safety net, advances mental health initiatives in our communities, continues progress on dyslexia education, furthers efforts addressing the opioid crisis and working to preserve our environment and open space.  

These legacy efforts will serve current and future generations.

While this work in Hartford is frustrating at times, I now finally am seeing the window for real policy change in November opening wide.  

One-party rule has not been kind to our state.  Per the Wall Street Journal Jan. 27, “Voters are just beginning to understand the damage done by two terms of Governor Malloy.” Watching the decisions made by the majority Democrats and their full-throated support of the public unions at the expense of the rest of the people in our state has been challenging.  Let me assure my constituents,

I have “fire in the belly” and great passion to see our state return to the fiscal promise and prosperity we enjoyed for so many years.  Working together, I know we can thrive.

I very much look forward to campaigning this Summer/Fall and the dialogue on the important issues facing our state

State Rep. Terrie Wood