To the Editor:

On behalf of the Thriving Youth Task Force, we give thanks to Sergeant James Palmieri for serving as our co-chairman this year. For many years, Sergeant James Palmieri has been dedicated to helping the youth of Darien, as a School Resource Officer at Darien High School, the creator of the Juvenile Review Board and most recently, as the Co-Chair of the Thriving Youth Task Force. His dedication to the youth of Darien is unparalleled.

We are grateful to James for the insight and guidance he provided to our work and his continued dedication to serving, despite his demanding schedule as a Sergeant in the Darien Police Department. We are also grateful to Chief Don Anderson for supporting James’ commitment to the work of the Task Force. We have always been able to count on the Darien Police Department as partners in our efforts to help our youth live their best lives.

Thriving Youth Task Force Executive Board

Shelly Skoglund

Georgette Harrison

Susan Marks

Marli Hayes

Janice Marzano

Emily Larkin