To the Editor:

We are so grateful to the community and to Mother Nature for another successful Darien Boy Scout Tag Sale on Sunday, May 7!

Our 45th Annual Giant Tag Sale brought in thousands of shoppers who were served by our energetic team of Scout and adult volunteers.

Every year, we are wowed by the generosity of our donors and the dedication of our department chairs and volunteers that devote countless hours toward putting this exciting community event together. Your donations and efforts enable us to keep our Scouting programs and cabin strong and thriving for another year.

And what an exciting year it has been so far. In addition to our Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs, your support has enabled us to add the new co-ed STEM Venture Crew #353 to our programs for high school boys and girls interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (the first of its kind in the nation).

In addition, we were just recently awarded the 2017 Green Non-Profit of the Year Award by the Darien Chamber of Commerce for the tremendous effort of our tag sale to promote reducing, reusing, and recycling in our community.

We take “clutter” from our donors and turn it into “treasure” for our shoppers. After the sale, remaining items are offered to over 30 charities including Operation Hope, Quest For Peace, Big Hearted Books, South Norwalk Community Center, Computers For Hope, and Liberation Programs. Finally, our volunteers sort through the little that is left to recycle and dispose of it all properly. Our Scouts benefit from their participation throughout the process, learning how to promote and encourage recycling on a large scale, as well as organize a massive community event, and present themselves respectfully and in accordance with the Scout law.

We wish to offer a special thank you to the Town of Darien for all their support; the Darien Police for keeping the traffic flowing smoothly and ensuring safety on and off of our property; Rings End Lumber for donated materials, use of their parking lot and help with hauling; our town’s fire departments for fire safety review; Post 53 for providing medical safety on site; Vernals BP service station for assisting with car sales; Fox Hill Builders, The Growing Concern, Alan Hyatt Landscaping, Baywater Properties and Ed Gentile, the director of Public Works, for our copious hauling needs; Koon’s parking lot for volunteer parking; Tom Geary of Geary Galleries for appraisal advice; Darien Donut, Darien Butcher Shop and Vavala’s for discounted volunteer food; our local media for timely coverage in press and online; local businesses for posting fliers; and last but not least, our very patient add understanding neighbors.

The Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust and our Scouting community look forward to continuing to serve you in the year to come and seeing you at the Tag Sale again next year.

Leslie Pennington, Linda Yim, Susan Doelp, and Maria Sullivan

2017 Darien Boy Scouts Tag Sale Chairpersons