To the Editor:

I am a local resident, a longtime Metro North commuter, public school parent and concerned citizen. I love this town and community. After living abroad for a number of years, my family and I chose to return to Connecticut and specifically Darien. We were drawn to the schools, the proximity to NYC and Metro North, the lower taxes relative to New York and the vibrant community residing here.

However, this ideal is at risk. Hartford is in a fiscal crisis, the Democratic majority controlling our state is catering to unions and the status quo and they are using Fairfield County as its piggy bank. Funding of educational and social service programs have been cut and the state is interfering in areas where our community interests are not aligned such as transportation and land use.

Our local Representative Terrie Wood is actively doing something about it. She understands that we need structural change to fix the fiscal problems and is willing to work in a bipartisan way to make that happen. She also understands that our local community cannot keep giving to Hartford and getting little in return. We need to be able to support the social programs in our local community in education, public health and our environment. Terrie has a consistent track record of sponsoring and supporting legislation in all of these areas — notably issues that have filled the pages of this paper over the years as pressing concerns such as opioid use and special education.

Regardless of how we might feel about the presidential election, we need to get out and vote for our hard-working, fiscally conservative, socially moderate Terrie Wood who is fighting for us and our community every day!

Jennifer Hill