To the Editor:

The Darien Sail & Power Squadron’s boat/camp/2019 was held Friday, July 26, at Noroton Yacht Club.

Many of the campers were recipients of a Campership award from Person-to-Person--a program that allows a safe summer camping experience for children from low-income families.

Boat owners from the Darien Sail & Power Squadron, Darien Boat Club and Noroton Yacht Club were joined by volunteers from other civic organizations eager to present the campers with a fun day on the water. Campers visited the Norwalk Seaport Associations’ Sheffield Island, toured nearby harbors, Fish Island and encountered (friendly) Pirates anchored in Ziegler’s Cove—who strongly resembled members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary--Norwalk Flotilla 72.

A tally of the number of volunteers involved on the water, and on shore, is more than 50 people: boat captains; boat crew; on-shore support and community volunteers. The list of these volunteers is given below, with apologies to anyone who was missed!

Boating and shore-based crew included Anne Andreae, Chuck Andreae, Geoff Axt, Joanna Bridges, Fred Elliott, Pam Elliott, Jeff Eng, Doug Garofalo, Jeff Gerwig, Nick Gould, Flip Huffard, Ewan Johnson, Rodney Johnson, Simon Johnson, Peter Kelly, Roger Klein, Tom Lochtefeld, Dede Locke, Stuart Locke, Basil Lyden, Chris Montanaro, Jane Nestler, Lynn Oliver, Wes Oliver, Karen Perry, Martha Rhein, Per Sekse, Juan Sos, Beverly Walsh, Jim Walsh, Patrick Winter, Schuyler Winter and Sallyan Zenko.

Volunteers from Person-to-Person included: Nancy Coughlin, Lauren Franciamore, Kim Collibee, Rebecca Cosgrove, P2P Summer Intern Aileen Agudelo and the Summer Youth Group volunteers---Kayla Lopez, Pamela Sepulveda, Behanka Adonis, Katie Tutillo, Debbie Alcantara and Caroline Cirillo

The Darien Police Boat was crewed by Sgt. Derek Mulcahy and Officer Dan Ehret

The Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol boat, which served double duty as a Pirate lair, was captained by Joe DeFranco, coordinated by Ginny Lovas, and crewed by Greg Miller, Carol Saar and Ariene Graffa.

Coordination with the Norwalk Seaport Association was handled by Filomena Giannico, who arranged for the campers to be welcomed to Sheffield Island by Light-Keeper Ennis Granata

Diane and Andreas Halvorsen had graciously offered access to Fish Island. Our campers were excited about the opportunity to see an American Oystercatcher, a rarely seen bird.

Photographers include Joanna Bridges, Per Sekse and Pierre Duchet.

Boat/Camp is just one of the public service activities sponsored by the Darien Sail & Power Squadron. Further information concerning the Darien Sail & Power Squadron is available at their web-site at

Information on the Campership program may be obtained by contacting Nancy Coughlin, executive director of Person-to-Person, at or 203-621-048

Geoff Axt, Fred Elliott, Frank Kemp and Peter Lasalandra were a tremendous help coordinating Boat/Camp. Geoff, Fred, Frank and Peter graciously offered their time and experience to a first time Boat/Camp coordinator. Thank you gentlemen.

Again, thanks go to the entire list of volunteers who made boat/camp 2019 a success.

Next year’s boat/camp will be on Friday, July 31.

Gerry Raasch

Darien Sail & Power Squadron