To the Editor:

As many residents are aware, the Town of Darien, as well as almost every other municipality in Fairfield County, has been inundated with thefts from motor vehicles over the last six months or more. In virtually all of the incidents, the vehicles involved have been left unlocked.

For quite some time, the Darien Police Department has been diligently asking all residents, through press releases, social media postings and face-to-face contacts to lock their cars, no matter where or when they are parked. We ask this once again: the protection of personal property has to be a joint effort between the property owner and law enforcement. Your police department has been very proactive in trying to quell these thefts through deterrent patrols and various other detection and enforcement measures.

We also ask residents to make immediate notification to the police department if they see suspicious activity or are the victim of a motor vehicle burglary (or any other crime). In the recent past, we have investigated incidents where residents have seen suspicious individuals in their driveway or their neighborhood or found that their vehicles had been entered in the middle of the night. In these cases, the residents did not contact the police department at the time of their observations.

The probability of apprehending a perpetrator increases significantly if the Police Department receives immediate notification of suspicious activity in the area.

Please remember that we are a professional 24/7/365 operation and are ready to respond to suspicious or potential criminal activity as it is happening or as close in time to the incident as possible.

Police Chief Ray Osborne