To the Editor:

This year was undeniably a unique year for Darien High School seniors, and their final week as students at DHS was no exception! The DHSPA’s “Senior Send-Off” Committee was originally formed to oversee what would have been the inaugural all-senior class celebration party, providing a safe, substance-free and inclusive event for the DHS Class of 2020 to come together to celebrate each other’s impressive achievements.

But when unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19 made this event impossible, the SSO Committee did not let the pandemic deter its efforts to create a memorable event for these well-deserving students. After much collaboration with the DHS administration, the SSO made their final week of school special by treating seniors to Blue Wave Booster Club gift bags containing DHS car “swag”, gift certificates and other treats; co-hosting the first “DHS Wave Through Processional” with DHS faculty & staff, and finally presenting an unforgettable class video which captured the true spirit of the DHS Class of 2020.

We continue to be grateful to all the donors who helped make these possible, but we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the many people behind the scenes whose enthusiasm, support and hard work truly made this year’s events so successful! This list includes many members of our Town Departments, all those who agreed to chair subcommittees last fall as well as volunteers for early morning set-up and clean-up, and even all the DHS senior parents who helped drive their students through the processional. Without your efforts, these events simply would not have been possible, and so we would like to say thank you!

In addition, we would like to recognize in particular:

DAF Media/Damian Andrew

Darien Police Department

Darien Volunteer Fire Department

Noroton Volunteer Fire Department

Noroton Heights Volunteer Fire Department

Mikael and Lynne Andren

Tom and Kathy Arrix

Dee Attisani

Katharine Calderwood

Jeff DeMaio

Jen Fallon

The Felt Family

Ed Gentile

David and Julie Genovese

Jeremy Ginsberg

Susan Graham

Autumn Howard

Claire Hunter

Joan Kanlian

Lisa Koorbusch

Jen Laird

Johnny Louis-Fin

Mike Lynch

Stephanie Maher

Kyle McDonald

Lori Olson

Hutch & Ryann Pegler

Cathy Pond

Paul Quick

Michelle Sini

Jim Smith

Jayme Stevenson

Mary Wade

Melissa Williams

We wish you all a safe and healthy summer!

Brandi Maniscalco, Chairperson

Sheila O’Boyle, Co-chair

Karin Sharp, Co-chair

Lynne Wilson, Co-chair

2020 Senior Send-Off Committee