To the Editor:

It’s back to school time for the kids of Darien but also for the voters of our town by the sound. Time to do our homework and get to know the candidates running for our local boards and commissions that will be on the ballot in November. Learning more about the women and men who have raised their hand to serve our town allows you to confidently and mindfully cast your vote for the person you believe best to move our town forward.

This year Tara Ochman is running for re-election to the Board of Education. RTM Members David Martin and Sarah Neumann are running for the Board of Selectmen. Dan Bumgardner is pursuing a seat on our Board of Finance and George Reilly —former member of both the Boards of Education and Selectmen —is running to sit on the Planning & Zoning Commission.

You can meet the Leadership in Action 2019 slate online and in person. Visit and follow us on Insta, Facebook and Twitter. Look for us this fall at our beloved town dump, coffee shops, train stations and in town where Tara, David, Sarah, Dan and George will be learning more about what the voters of Darien value.

Homework Alert: Get to know the leaders who will make decisions that impact Darien’s schools, business district, financial management and natural resources today and tomorrow.

Your vote is your voice.

Shannon Silsby