To the Editor:

What does Republican leadership mean for Darien?   Republican leadership is largely non-partisan and focuses on local, tangible issues you can touch, see and feel.  

 Sidewalks.  Open space.  Natural gas.  Low taxes.  Republican leadership is thoughtful, strategic and committed to our excellent schools and natural environment.  Your Republican leadership  - Jayme Stevenson, Susan Marks and Kip Koons – are champions for the town of Darien.  With historic budget challenges at the state level, Darien needs and deserves experienced leadership.  Darien needs and deserves prudent risk managers. Working hard to protect our residents and taxpayers everyday.

Now is not the time for novices, beginners, or an apprentice at the helm.  The next two years require the Best for Darien — Stevenson, Marks and Koons.  Please vote on November 7.

Sara Franzese

39 Intervale Road


The writer is the Best for Darien campaign manager