To the Editor:

As former Board of Education (BoE) members we submitted a letter to the Darien Times (6/8/20) to state our disappointment with the five Republican BoE members who met in private to discuss public business. What remains is the fact that the public will never know what was discussed in private. When elected officials conduct the public’s business, it is fair and right to do so in public. A caucus by its very nature is partisan. Its purpose is to conduct political business.

The members called this meeting a caucus, giving support to their claim this private meeting was legal under the FOIA. This may be true, regardless, it’s the fact that the public’s right to have access to that meeting was denied by these five members, which concerns us. As former BoE members, during different points in time, we worked with fellow board members in a non-partisan and public manner in the interest of the Darien community. These views are our personal views, based on our personal experience and do not express the view of any organizations of which we are members.

The letter written by the RTC Chairman states that we “unfairly questioned the integrity of elected officials,” actually no. We simply disagreed with their action. He further questions our credibility, because we didn’t mention our membership in the Action Network of Darien Democrats. We also didn’t mention our memberships in other organizations, such as the League of Women Voters, the Rowan Center or PPSNE PAC.

Bottom line: regardless of our membership or your membership in any organization, we all have the right to express our opinion, in this case, stand up for transparency in government and not have our credibility diminished.

Evonne Klein

Callie Sullivan