Legislators collect food for federal workers

Rep. Lucy Dathan and Sen. Bob Duff have organized a food drive for government employees affected by the shutdown.
Rep. Lucy Dathan and Sen. Bob Duff have organized a food drive for government employees affected by the shutdown.

State Rep. Lucy Dathan (D-Norwalk/New Canaan) announced Friday an emergency food drive to help boost Person-to-Person’s food supply to help alleviate local federal workers and their families affected by the government shutdown.
State Senator Bob Duff (D-Darien/Norwalk), the City of Norwalk, SoNo Branch Public Library, Norwalk Public Library and Person-to-Person are joining in the effort to help coordinate collections, which will be dispersed by Person-to-Person’s food pantry program.
“The government shutdown, now over a month long, is causing a ripple effect that is hitting each of our communities in very serious ways. The extent of the needs for each particular situation may vary, but having food on the table, even during times of financial distress, is not optional,” Rep. Dathan said during the shutdown. “I am hoping this food drive collaboration will bring some relief.”
“I am happy to partner with Rep. Dathan to ensure our federal workers have enough food to put on the table for themselves and their families. This shutdown is very unfortunate and is affecting real people who are now facing major hardships. Our community is generous and always lends a hand to those in need,” said Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff during the shutdown.
Donations and gift cards may be to the following locations:
Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Ave., Norwalk; phone 203-854-3200;
the Norwalk Public Library, 1 Belden Ave., Norwalk; phone 203-899-2780;
in SoNo, 10 Washington St., Norwalk; phone 203- 899-2790
New Canaan’s Health & Human Services Office, Vine Cottage, 61 Main St., New Canaan; phone 203594-3076;
Person-to-Person, 1864 Post Raod, Darien; phone 203-655-0048
Person-to-Person is a community-supported agency that provides emergency assistance for basic needs. All food contributions from this food drive will be added to their existing food pantry supply for easy distribution to federal employees affected by shutdown. Those in need can access the food pantry to receive assistance by showing their federal employee ID card.
“As a community supported agency, P2P is grateful to those who step up to help others in need. P2P is committed to providing food for the people who would otherwise go hungry during this unsettling time,” said Ceci Maher, Person-to-Person Chief Executive Officer.
“I am grateful to our partners, volunteers and everyone who has joined me to make this a reality,” Dathan said. “If you know any federal worker who can benefit from this aid, please be sure to share this information with them and have them visit Person-to-Person for food provisions.”
Rep. Lucy Dathan is serving her first legislative term representing the 142nd Assembly. She is vice chair of the legislature’s Insurance Committee and the Appropriations and Human Services Committees.