Many improvements are being proposed for the Noroton Heights Development.

At the recent Police Commission meeting in town, there was a presentation from Tighe & Bond concerning the Noroton Heights Shopping Center, which is the Palmer’s Market site.

As part of the local traffic authority’s state-approval process, Tighe & Bond (the development team’s engineers) has been working with the Department of Public Works on this site and on the improvements.

The review has been requested by Darien’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

 The project would involve rehabing the existing restaurant and retail uses that are there today as well as adding residential units to the upper stories. There are three stories in the development. The first floor is all restaurants and retail and the other floors are all apartments.

 Traffic signal and operations improvements

This would involve traffic signal optimization at West Avenue, the Heights Road intersection. This is combined on the same controller with the Metro-North Railroad Station driveway.

Tighe & Bond would optimize the coordination between the signals to get better operations.

 Widening of Heights Road

There would be a widening of Heights Road approaching Hollow Tree Ridge to include a right turn and a left turn lane. Currently, it’s only one lane.


Also on Heights Road, the eastbound direction would be restriped.

“We moved the shoulder line away from the curb and left-turning traffic can wait on the inside lane to get into the site driveways,” a representative from Tighe & Bond said. “Any cars that are going through can pass them on the right.”


On the ground floor, there are three restaurants going in.

Additional work being proposed includes replacing a crosswalk at the Hollow Tree intersection, repaving all of Heights Road along the development, and adding a mid-block crosswalk. Also, 12 on-street parking spaces are being proposed.

 Next steps

For the traffic signal improvements, Tighe & Bond needs the signature of the Darien Police Department since it is the local traffic authority. The department will then go to the state to get the permit for the signal revisions.

This will be further discussed at the Police Commission’s next meeting on Aug. 7.

State grant

The Darien Police Department is getting a grant from the State of Connecticut for $451,000 to be a test agency for new computer software and hardware.

This pertains to the Connecticut Information Sharing System, which is a comprehensive, statewide criminal justice information technology system that provides the ability to electronically share offender information within Connecticut’s criminal justice community.

Stolen/burglarized cars

Police continue to receive reports of stolen and burglarized cars.

From June 19 to July 17, there were seven stolen cars from town. In all these cases, the keys were in the vehicles.

From June 19 to July 17, there were 15 car burglaries of unlocked vehicles.