Weddings are meant to be memorable days, but the wedding of a local couple is going to be even more memorable as they prepare to share their day with a storm that has the same first name as the soon-to-be bride.

Irene Rios and Darien Health Director David Knauf spent a year planning their outdoor wedding ceremony on the coast because of shared love of the water. However, even though both knew there was the potential for poor weather to rear its head for the wedding, neither expected a hurricane.

"We love living on the water and we thought it would be a great idea to do the ceremony outside on the beach," Rios said. "When I initially heard about a week ago about a tropical storm I thought our honeymoon plans in Key West, Fla., maybe impacted. That was really my focus but I didn't think it would come up to Connecticut."

As of 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Hurricane Irene was expected to take a north and northwest route up the east coast where it was expected to arrive in Connecticut at midnight, the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection said in statement. Irene would most likely make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane, but the department said the track could change over the course of the next few days.

Despite the potential for a hurricane to dampen her wedding day, Rios said she is still more amused by the situation than upset.

"I'm still more amused than anything right now and I think our honeymoon plans will be OK after all. I hope it holds off on Sunday until later in the day, so that everyone can make it here," Rios said.

Since news of the hurricane has increased over the past few days, Rios said she has fielded numerous calls and emails from friends and family who wanted to know how she was handling the news.

"I've been getting calls since Monday from people not really concerned so as they are amused by the situation," she said.

One of her sons, who is preparing to head back to college shortly, pointed out to her that the chances of having a hurricane ruin your wedding and having that hurricane share your name was an almost impossible coincidence.

"We just laughed about the coincidence because it is kind of funny. We're not panicking too much," Rios said.

In the original wedding plans, Rios and Knauf were planning on holding their wedding ceremony outside at Savin Rock in West Haven. However, Rios said the ceremony will most likely be moved inside because of the weather.

"I'm working on plans because we will most likely have the ceremony inside now as well as the reception. If the weather holds off we may start a little early and do the ceremony outdoors but either way the day won't be completely ruined," she said.