DARIEN — Hungry to show its appreciation for local heroes, the Tokeneke Club provided a drive-through lunch Saturday afternoon for first responders.

“Hot Dogs for Heroes” were available for close to 100 fire, police and emergency medical personnel, along with accouterments and some special dessert.

“I think it’s awesome to show the community that everyone cares and that everyone will make it through this together,” said Firefighter Daniel Fitzpatrick.

“We want to support our local first responders,” said James Reisig, club general manager & COO. “They’ve been great.”

“We’re also doing weekly meals for all the first responders,” said Scott Frittz, club board member and adult advisor for Post 53.

Reisig called this a chance to get people outside in a more informal setting, light the grill and have a little more interaction. And while the wind was blustery by the shore, cars, ambulances and even fire trucks spun by, sirens beeping, to take part in the mobile BBQ.

“We definitely really appreciate everything that the community is doing for us,” said EMT Tess Keating, 17. “We definitely couldn’t do what we do without the behind-the scenes support.”

“This is a small token of our appreciation,” said Paul Russo, co-owner of Pax Romana, a White Plain, N.Y.-based restaurant that brought its “Bombo Bus” to the location to provide Italian doughnuts as well.

“It’s a crazy time we’re in,” he said, “and this is just a show support, a show of gratitude.”

“The hot dogs are great,” said Dan Anderson, veteran Darien firefighter and department board chair, who paid a visit with his son Cole.

“The firefighters really appreciate the support of the community and the Tokeneke Club,” he said.