Historian and Author John Cilio is going to discuss Connecticut’s role in aerial photography, critical technologies and engines used in aviation in the past in a virtual program with the Darien Library on Monday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m., a press release from the library said.

Register on the library’s website at darienlibrary.org/events.

About John Cilio

Cilio has written six history books including “Women’s Work in WWII.” Cilio’s book “Helicopter Evolution: A Collection of Vintage Rotorcraft Photographs,” which is about vintage helicopters, features a foreword by a son of Igor Sikorsky, who is a former aviator.

Cilio has also interviewed hundreds of men and women for over 20 years to capture their stories, experiences, and memories to share with other people, the information said.

Cilio has also researched their exploits and shared their amazing accomplishments in a number of local and national publications, the information said.

Cilio is also an honorary member of the Connecticut Lost Squadron organization and a frequent speaker at events.

Cilio has also been featured in Connecticut Humanities programs, Connecticut magazine blogs and multiple newspapers. Cilio’s belief is that “often the consequences of a historical incident were hidden from those that experienced it, yet looking back, one can sense the full impact of their moments in time. In his corporate career, Cilio managed teams at technology consulting company IBM and health insurance company CIGNA. Cilio has also won an American Marketing Association International Award.

Cilio has also spoken on a wide range of historical and marketing topics in over 60 countries.