Darien Board of Education candidates Mike Burke and Sara Parent have received the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-4th District).

“I hope that you will join me in supporting Mike Burke and Sara Parent for the Darien Board of Education,” Himes said in a statement. “Mike knows how to open our schools safely, and he knows how to do what we need to do in the fiscally intelligent way that we like to do things in Darien.”

Himes cited Parent’s longtime leadership of the Council of Darien School Parents. “She, too, knows what Darien education is all about, how we can reopen schools in such a way that our kids get the education that we want them to get, but that they are also, of course, healthy and safe,” he said.

“Join me on Nov. 3 to support Mike Burke and Sara Parent,” he said in the announcement.

There are three seats up for re-election on Darien’s Board of Education. Burke holds one. The other two are held by Republicans, including board Vice Chairman David “Duke” Dineen and Dennis Maroney.

If Darien Republicans endorse both or another two candidates, the Democrats putting up two candidates could mean that the Board of Ed race is now a contested one. The last time a Board of Education race was contested appears to be 2014. In that case, the two Republican candidates — Dineen and Michael Harman — and one Democratic candidate, Burke, took the seats.

Parent said the candidates “are thrilled to have the support of Representative Himes.”

“He cares deeply about doing what is best for the children and families of Connecticut. He represents us, and all of his constituents, with integrity and intelligence. Mike and I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for all children and families in Darien,” she said.

For more information, visit www.mikeandsara4darienschools.com.