Seniors at Darien High School who are in good standing may be permitted to leave early and arrive late if the Board of Education accepts a proposal by Principal Dan Haron.

Haron told board members many of the seniors already arrive late or leave early if they don't have classes during the first and last periods of the day. Haron said it would be possible for the school to develop a system that could track who is in the building at any time.

The proposal was first given to Haron by the DHS Community Council before he brought it to the BOE. He said the privilege to leave early and arrive late would only apply to students who had a grade point average of 2.5 or higher, who don't have disciplinary issues and receive parental consent.

BOE Chairman Kim Westcott said the issue of having an open campus is visited on a yearly basis but she applauded Haron for bringing it up. BOE Secretary Clara Sartori expressed some concerns with allowing students to come and go throughout the day because she was afraid of students being reckless while driving near the elementary schools. She also questioned whether the new policy would have any impact on the school's strong academics.

Haron said the issue with students driving recklessly should be kept in check because police officers patrol the area in the morning and afternoon when they know students are leaving for the day. He also noted he would address any issues if the police notified him that students weren't behaving properly.

Haron said adopting a policy that allows students to leave early and arrive late would help prepare students for college by giving them the freedom to determine what they would do with their time. He said the policy would also help to relieve parking problems around the school and ease the amount of traffic entering and leaving school grounds in the morning and afternoon.

The BOE did not vote on the proposal during Tuesday's meeting.