On July 22, a Darien resident told Darien police at approximately midnight he heard a loud crash outside his home. When he stepped outside, he observed that a white Kia sedan had struck his vehicle which had been parked legally parallel to the roadway. As he approached the sedan, a female exited and began to talk to him about “taking care of the problem.”

Darien Police reported she repeatedly grabbed his hand and begged him not to call the police. The resident told Darien Police the female’s breath smelled of alcoholic beverage, and that she was stumbling as she walked. Her speech was also described as slurred to Darien Police. The female had departed the scene prior to the arrival of the officers and could not be located.

Officers called her cell phone several times, but could not make contact. The officer would later receive a return call from an attorney who was representing the suspect, identified as Layli Harandi, of Greenwich. The attorney informed officers she would not be making any statements, and that her vehicle was currently unregistered.

An arrest warrant for the charges of evading responsibility, failure to drive in proper lane, and failure to insure a motor vehicle was applied for, and granted. On Sept. 10 at 11:30 p.m., Harandi turned herself in to this agency. She was processed and released on a $500 cash bond. She is due in court on Sept. 20.

In incidents such as these, Darien Police say they are unable to charge the suspect for DUI as they cannot testify that they personally observed the suspect show signs of intoxication, and are unable to give the opportunity for the appropriate on-scene field testing.