With cases of coronavirus around the world, the country, and even the state increasing daily, a simple product like hand sanitizer in Darien appears to be headed toward the land of the dinosaurs.

Walgreens, CVS, Grieb’s Pharmacy, Stop & Shop, and Ring’s End are all sold out of this product, and have no release date as to when a new shipment will come in. They’re also extremely low or completely sold out of paper products and cleaning supplies.

Tim Harvey, pharmacy manager at Grieb’s, said his wholesalers currently have hand sanitizers on back order — and a delivery date is not being provided by the manufacturer.

“They were already sold out a week and a half ago,” he said.

He added that even the ingredients that can be used to make homemade hand sanitizer —isopropyl alcohol alcohol and Aloe Vera gel — are also sold out.

He said, however, that customers have not gotten too upset when told this news.

“Fortunately, most people in town have been understanding and know that, obviously, we would love to have it,” he said

He added that he foresees a shortage of Albuterol inhalers in the near future.

While the store is still in stock with them, “It could be an issue we see,” he said.

“Inhalers are starting to go on back order,” Harvey said. “We have stocked up as much as we can.”

“People are stocking up on them that have asthma, They are preparing just in case,” he said.

He suggested having physicians call in 90-day supplies of prescriptions for their patients, for extra back-up.

To limit going outdoors if one is not feeling well, Harvey said Grieb’s has a delivery service.

“We can deliver your medicines — and any other item the store sells — in your mailbox,” he said.

The charge is $5.50 in Darien, $7.50 in Stamford, and $9.50 in New Canaan.

He also recommended not only washing one’s hands thoroughly, but taking a shower before coming into contact with other family members.

“You never know where you might touch people,” he said. “It’s not just with your hands.”

He also advised the public that if they have any symptoms that resemble that of the coronavirus, to stay home.

“Especially for older adults, stay home if possible,” he said.

“It’s getting scarier for sure,” he said, in regard to the daily news on the spread of the virus.

Trader Joe’s is expecting two cases of hand sanitizers on Friday. There are 48 in each case, according to a team member.

Pete McDonald, manager at Ring’s End, said while the store usually just carries hand sanitizers in sample size containers, they are now sold out of those, and have no plans for another shipment any time soon.

“We will probably be the last to get them in, since I’m sure the pharmacies will get them before us,” he said.

Cindy Palmer Dean of Palmer’s Market said a shipment of 600 hand sanitizers is due in by the end of next week.

She added that all employees have been given strict instructions on sickness policies.

“If there any question that any one has a cold, they are not allowed to come into the store,” she said.

She said she wants customers to know that there are no shortages in fresh food, “so people are not going to go hungry. Palmer’s will not close under any circumstances.”