For about three hours at the Darien Train Station Sunday morning, the six-member Curtis family was very busy.

They were giving out gift cards from the program Sophie and her three siblings created, called Rescue Main Street Darien.

In total, Sophie and her three siblings raised around $14,000 dollars for Darien businesses.

One hundred and forty people came out Sunday to collect their gift card.

“It was a great. It went much smoother than expected,” Sophie said.

Several members of the Darien Police Department were on hand, as well.

“They had kind words about what we were doing,” Sophie said. “The police chief even came.”

“We made a circle with cones,” Sophie said.

Everyone who participated was wearing a mask and stood six feet apart from each other.

“It a lot of fun to support the town,” she added.

Positive feedback

On the Rescue Main Street Darien Facebook page, many people who took part in the exchange wrote positive comments.

These include:

 Great job, Sophie! This was an awesome idea and you executed it so smoothly. Thanks for everything!

 Amazing Sophie Curtis and your family! Thanks for such a fantastic show of support to our local community!

 Thank you Sophie Curtis!!!! You are one heck of a young woman!

A second exchange

A total of 280 people had participated in the exchange, so for those who were unable to make it to the event, this Sunday, June 7, from 10:30 a.m. to noon, there’ll be a second gift card exchange.

It will be at the Darien Train Station. This is accessible through the West Avenue entrance.