Getting rid of the geese at Tilley Pond: Parks & Rec to tackle

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox
The geese have returned at Tilley Pond

The geese have returned at Tilley Pond

Sandra Diamond Fox / Hearst Connecticut Media

A full year has passed and they’re still there — the geese at Tilley Pond in Darien.

Since they show no sign of leaving any time soon, the Parks & Recreation Commission is once again looking for measures to try and get rid of them.

When Director Pam Gery recently visited Tilley Pond at 38 West Avenue, she counted 35 geese.

“They were in a cluster,” she said at the July 15 Parks & Recreation Commission meeting.


The geese are problematic, according to Gery. “They leave a lot of poop around the park.”

“The alternative mechanisms that we have tried have not worked,” she added.

Gery said she has received a handful of emails over the past few months about the geese issue.

While she has not received noise complaints about them, they’re starting to go into the yards of some of the surrounding properties, according to Gery.

She recently called Geese Relief to get a quote.

Geese Relief is the company the town had used for 20 years to get rid of the geese. Geese Relief utilizes service dogs — Border Collies — who use their eyes to frighten the geese away without ever coming near them.

“If the bid comes in at a rate the town is comfortable with, we will begin this service at the park,” Gery said. “If the quote is too high, we will have to go out to bid on the service, and this will take a bit longer to start.”

She added, “The town will just need to decide how much they are willing to spend on this problem.”

The next Parks & Recreation Commission meeting is Aug. 19.

Watch the Parks & Recreation Commission meeting on Darien TV/79.