Getting Lymbr: Stretching studio opens in Goodwives Shopping Center

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DARIEN — Lisa Schneider is a marathon runner, so stretching is key.

While at a stretching session at Lymbr, a personalized stretching studio, she complained about a pain in her knee. Her stretch therapist showed her the knee pain was actually linked to a tightness in her hip and showed her how to correct this so her knee would no longer bother her.

“I’ve learned so much about my body and how to help my sport,” said Schneider, a Darien native who also works in the marketing department of the South Norwalk-based business. “Besides the physical effects, it’s learning.”

Lymbr opened its first studio in Wakefield, Mass. in 2016 as a test run. In August, Lymbr opened its first Connecticut studio in Darien in Goodwives Shopping Center. The studio is the first of many the company hopes to open around the country within the coming year.

“Darien makes sense,” said Lymbr CEO Geoff Schneider. “It’s fairly central to the Fairfield County coast communities we’re targeting.”

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Lymbr Darien is located in Goodwives Shopping Center at 25 Old Kings Highway North.

For more information, visit or call 203-875-0032

Schneider said the studio is in an ideal location in the shopping center which is also home to several boutique fitness storefronts, including Joyride. The studio employs five “stretch therapists” who come from fitness-centered backgrounds and go through 100 hours of training before working with clients. Visitors can pay for 30 minute “stretch sessions” a la carte or purchase a membership that allows them a certain number of stretches per month or year. The sessions are good at all Lymbr locations, 32 more of which are expected to open nationwide within the next year. Prices start at $55 for a single session.

Lymbr uses active isolated stretching in its clients which means they’re constantly moving. According to Geoff Schneider, an active golfer who uses the stretching services himself, a client never holds a pose for more than two seconds.

“You’re teaching your body to do all the things it can do,” he said.

“What’s so great about the session is you’re involved,” added Lisa Schneider. “You need to guide your body with the therapist and learn about your body.”

According to J.P. Geoghegan, Lymbr’s director of marketing, the studio has mostly seen membership purchases from student athletes, local golfers and people who come in after their fitness classes. Despite opening during a slow summer month, the studio has been hitting its stride before their official grand opening in October.

“We’ve been working with the community,” Geoghegan said. “It’s a nice entry. We’ve had a quiet start, but we’re ready to get going once vacation is over.”

Lymbr Darien is hoping to get more involved in the community. Due to its unique nature, it’s not competing with other local businesses, but is instead trying to build on those relationships. In addition to joining the Darien Chamber of Commerce, the studio is also helping sponsor the Darien Road Race on Sept. 11.

“We spend a lot of time going out and meeting everyone in the community,” Geoff Schneider said. “We don’t compete with anyone. The community is a big part of what we’re trying to bring.”; @erin_kayata