First County Bank is offering a free home-buyers workshop Tuesday, Sept. 9, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the branch at 469 Westport Ave., Norwalk.

Guest speakers will discuss purchasing a home and will answer questions and provide guidance.

The speakers are David Zamary, senior vice president of residential mortgage originations at the bank, who will discuss "How your bank can help you on the road to home buying"; Valerie M. Saiz, director of lending at Housing Development Fund Inc., "Q&A for the first-time home buyer"; Alan Glucksman, of Appraisal Services LLC, "Learn about the appraisal process and what it means to you and your lender"; and attorney Richard J. Margenot, "What you should know about a real estate contract and the role of your attorney."

"First County Bank is proud to host this event for home buyers to help them learn about financing their new home," Zamary said. "Even for experienced home buyers, approaching the purchase and mortgage process is daunting, and for new home buyers it can be overwhelming. We hope to shed light on this by providing the necessary tools and experts to approach home buying in a more confident manner, taking the mystery out of the process."

Mortgage experts will discuss tips on applying for a mortgage; financial guidelines to calculate an affordable loan amount and to help determine a budget; borrowing guidelines; what documents and supporting information are required to complete a mortgage application and how to negotiate for their dream home.

Topics covered will include what to consider when buying a home, such as credit score, current debt and job security.

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