Former Superintendent of Schools Stephen Falcone is again the top wage earner in Darien in 2013, compared to 2012.

The second-highest

wage earner is the former Capt. Fred Komm in the police department. Komm retired in June and received a payout for his unused vacation and sick days.

Many police officers dominate the list because of the earnings they receive from working private duty jobs, such as traffic duty or overseeing a construction site, according to Director of Finance Kate Buch.

Those additional wages do not affect the taxpayers of Darien or the police officers' pensions.

Absent from the list is First Selectman Jayme Stevenson.

Though Stevenson's pay was increased $35,000 to $115,000 in April, she still makes considerably less than other town employees.

Stevenson's salary was previously $80,000 per year before the Board of Finance approved her salary increase.

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Board of Finance Chairman Liz Mao said the previous salary was low compared to other districts and low for the work that is needed for the position.

Four of the top 50 earners are town administrators, 19 are school administrators and the remaining 27 work within the police department.

Former Director of Special Education Deirdre Osypuk, who was the seventh-highest paid employee, resigned from the district on Jan. 21.