Jill Sawyer, a longtime resident of Norwalk, will sign copies of her new crime novel, "Metro-Line to Murder," from noon to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, at Elm Street Books.

In the book, Sawyer explores the issue of the public's fear of supplying information to the authorities. Her main character, also a teacher, witnesses a murder at the Darien train station. Having come eye-to-eye with the killer, Dana holds her cell phone poised to make the 911 call. Realizing that she may be risking her life, she is tempted to keep what she has seen "under wraps."

Another character, Paula, faces the moral dilemma of blowing the whistle on her Wall Street boss and risking losing her job, maybe her life. She wrestles with whether or not to expose his pattern of backdating stock options, a practice that cheats shareholders while pouring thousands of dollars into Wall Street pockets.

What are the hazards of doing one's duty as an American citizen? Mystery readers now have the chance to experience the reluctance and trepidations as well as satisfactions that come with serving as an eye witness to violent crime. From the dangers of blowing the whistle on corporate skullduggery in Manhattan to exposing those who commit street crime in the suburbs, Sawyer links the stories of three colorful, but disparate criminals.

An essayist, Sawyer was a special education and English teacher at New Canaan High School. She now tutors at the Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School.

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