DARIEN — With two redevelopment projects in the near future for Noroton Heights, the town has seized the opportunity to handle one of the area’s major problems — flooding.

Heights Road and properties to the north frequently flood due to an undersized stream culvert beneath the road. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said $240,000 was budgeted as part of a plan to mitigate this issue.

“We could be working on this project as early as next summer,” she said.

The project looks to combine both flood storage pipes beneath Heights Road with storage and infiltration structures. These measures could help alleviate some of the flooding problems, Stevenson said, adding it’s important to complete the project sooner rather than later.

The town’s independent effort will complement the two upcoming large-scale redevelopment projects in the Heights area, which include flood mitigation features as well.

Jeremy Ginsberg, director for the Planning and Zoning commission, said there is a requirement for every redevelopment in town to address drainage and water coming off their property.

“In the two new projects, a lot of attention was given by the planning and zoning commission to address these problems,” he said.

The applicants’ consultants and the town’s peer review consultants were given a significant amount of time to ensure efforts were made to minimize the flooding issues.

The two projects will include storm management on their properties, and the commission believes this could help reduce problems on Heights Road during storm events.

“It’s still a low-lying area,” Ginsberg said. “The goal is to reduce it ever so slightly with each project.”

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