DARIEN — A couple in the midst of divorcing were each charged with disorderly conduct on April 10 after an argument over car registration plates.

Andriy Kurylov, 42, of Camp Avenue, said he went to his estranged wife’s address at Avalon Apartments to deliver a case of water and remove his registration plates from the vehicle he was giving to Adaobi Kurylov, 37, as part of the divorce. He said when she learned he had removed the plates, she became angry and an argument started. He said he started to walk away to leave, but she followed and “smacked” his cellphone out of his hand. He was not injured.

She told police he removed the registration plates from her car, which angered her because she said he had no right to do so. During the argument, she told police, he grabbed her wrist, injuring it. Police said they saw no indication of any injury to her wrist.

Both were released on a promise to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on April 11.