DARIEN — A disagreement over a car, and housekeeping, led to a physical dispute and an arrest March 5.

Police were called to Oak Crest Drive just before 10 p.m. by the victim, who said she was afraid of her boyfriend, Jonathan Bauer, 60.

She told police the situation began earlier in the day when she moved one of his cars from the house to another location, because she didn’t want it at her house anymore. Bauer allegedly became upset and went to her workplace to get the keys in order to move the car back, police said.

When she got home from work, the disagreement continued, she said, over his failure to clean the house. According to the police report, she called him a hoarder, and when she tried to pick up his clothing, Bauer allegedly began throwing clothing at her in an “aggressive manner.” At that point, she threatened to call police and said Bauer grabbed her arms to keep her from doing do. She was able to pull away, ran out of the house and called 911. She had a small bruise on one arm.

According to Bauer, when his girlfriend got home from work, she became irate over clothing being left out. He admitted to arguing with her, and grabbing her, but he said he was worried because she’d been drinking and was threatening to drive away.

Bauer was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an emergency call. He was also served with an active warrant for disorderly conduct from a 2016 domestic violence incident.

He was released after posting a $500 bond and was arraigned March 6 in state Superior Court in Stamford.