On Dec. 12, a Herman Avenue resident told police as he exited his home, a FedEx driver at the end of his driveway alerted him to a suspicious person. The driver stated the suspicious person, described as a black male, had just attempted to retrieve a package from 25 Edmond Street that didn’t belong to him. The resident knew 25 Edmond Street to be unoccupied. The complainant observed the male near the end of his driveway and asked the male what he was doing, to which the male responded that he was looking for a residence. The male then walked across an adjacent property and entered a vehicle on Homestead Rd. The vehicle, described as a black Toyota sedan, left the area.

Officers responded to 25 Edmond Street where they observed a note on the door instructing FedEx to leave a package on the doorstep, signed by “Wei Zhang.” There was/is no one by that name at that residence. In speaking with the FedEx driver, it was determined that the package had been addressed to that name at 25 Edmond St. It was against policy for FedEx to leave the package without identification and signature, so it was not delivered. As the driver was returning to his truck, a black male approached him and asked him for the package. When the FedEx driver asked for identification, the male walked away. It was determined that the box contained an Apple iPhone.