DARIEN — After 27 years of operating the wine shop he had founded on 1053 Post Road, Nico Troilo decided it was time to move on from Nicholas Roberts Fine Wines.

“I bought this place when it was a little run down,” Troilo, who recently turned 75, recalled as he sipped a red wine. “I was a wine collector and my sons Robert and Peter ran the place with me.”

The wine shop held an event to honor the “changing of the guard” last Friday evening. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Darien residents and customers from surrounding towns trickled in to chat with Troilo and meet the new face of the business — David Wagner.

Wagner, who was accompanied by his parents, has worked on the supply side of the alcohol business selling bourbon and craft beers. This will be his first foray as a local shop owner.

“This is an industry full of so many different tastes,” the 32-year-old said. “Being open to all those varieties and spirits is important.”

The sale of the business concluded on March 6 according to both the owner and former owner. Wagner joined the Darien Chamber of Commerce on the same day to get more acquainted with the community.

“We’re the store that people can come into, we’re open to doing events and be involved in the community. I want this to be the community liquor shop,” Wagner said.

Juan Vega has worked at Nicholas Roberts for the past 10 years and is enthusiastic for what’s coming next.

“I’m looking forward to the new ideas that Wagner will bring and I’m excited that he brings a lot of energy and experience to the place,” Vega said.

Will and Dianne Green, who have been loyal customers of Nicholas Roberts for the past 10 years, attended the event Friday evening.

“We want more of the same,” Dianne said as she waited in line for her sample of wine. “We love coming here and meeting new people and we especially enjoy the champagne.”

William Henry, a Stamford resident, said he had met Troilo in Wilton about six years ago at a wine class — since then, Henry had become more and more interested in the different types of wine.

“What I love about this shop and Troilo is that their wine selections are excellent — they’re aged and medium to high-priced,” Henry said. “The service is great and as a small shop that caters to wine, it really has what one is looking for.”

Troilo admitted that he would be focusing on playwriting and acting, activities he thoroughly enjoys, for the coming years. Asked if he would miss the shop, Troilo nodded but had said he was more than happy to pass on the shop after his nearly three decades at the helm.