Michael Solimene, 44, of 101 Burr St., Easton, was arrested March 16 on charges of five counts of second-degree harassment and five counts of second-degree stalking after police told him to not make contact with his ex-girlfriend.

On March 13, 14 and 16, police said he sent his former girlfriend, whom he dated for seven months, harassing text messages and emails and called her.

She first complained to police on March 13 and again on March 14, when he sent emails to her boss stating that she was going to leave the company, according to the report. On March 16, he called her twice and started to send her messages via Twitter.

The victim told police that Solimene had made threats against her livelihood and that he told her he could make her "disappear and no one would miss (her)," according to police.

After each instance, police warned him not to contact his former girlfriend and he said he understood, according to the report.

While they were speaking with the victim, police asked Solimene to come to headquarters, but while on his way, he contacted her asking her to "call this off," according to the report.

Solimene told police he had "an idea" why he was being arrested, the report stated. Police asked if he remembered being told to not contact her, which Solimene acknowledged, they said.

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When asked if he remembered being told he would be arrested if he contacted the victim, Solimene said he did but that he was in love with her, police said.

He posted $20,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court March 17.