In a world that is often faceless and digital, it takes a lot for people to stand out. Recently, Darien lost one of its more vibrant characters who makes the town a special place to live.

Arden Anderson-Broecking passed away last week at 86. A long-time Darien resident, music teacher, and a woman never afraid to speak her mind, Arden made an impression on anyone she had ever met. Arden was a frequent guest at The Darien Times coffee for years. Despite it occasionally being crowded, and sometimes loud, and filled with “strong” personalities, she was never afraid to speak her mind on issues that mattered to her. Most recently, it was looking out for the best interest of Darien’s seniors.

Arden was an accomplished and talented singer, dancer and actress — as well as a teacher of the arts. Later, she even wrote a romance novel. She toured with the USO and her glamorous photo with a young Joan Rivers has graced the pages of our Memorial Day section for years.

Arden was a fervent supporter of this newspaper, and a friend. She was a firecracker of a person — and she will be missed.