Social distancing to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic put most Easter celebrations out of the question, whether it be church services, Easter egg hunts, and visits from the Easter bunny.

Some Darien moms got together to spread some Easter cheer in the meantime.

Jessica Nichols thought the answer might be calling on Scotty “a.k.a. the Balloon Guy,” who is a local entertainer who regularly makes appearances at children’s parties and other community events — and who is also being impacted by the pandemic.

She enlisted Stefanie Jones, and together they circulated the plan to have Scotty parade around in his car and bring some joy to us in the “most appropriate way possible” to their Darien MOPs group (Mothers of Preschoolers).

“But only after stopping at Atria to give those who possibly need it most a little pick me up and fun distraction from their new normal,” Jones said.

The word was quickly spread via the MOPS group.

“We quickly received over 35 streets for Scotty to visit, and even had to ask people to navigate to other roads in order to catch his route, as it had already grown too extensive,” Jones said.

“We created a map and timed route for him, and he slowly made his way through town, honking, waving, and showing off his immaculate balloon art,” she said.

While driving through town, Scotty’s car was “decked out with bunnies, flowers and even a giant bunny in a basket on the roof.”

“He greeted each family and child he passed. He was of course in a balloon bunny mask and cartoon style balloon glove as well,” Jones said.

The community was asked to contribute $10 to Scotty for his efforts and time, and Nichols and Jones estimated that he would receive about $250 when they suggested the idea to him.

They were all “blown away” when he ended up receiving nearly $1,000.

“What an amazing gift to give someone during this incredibly difficult time! And what an amazing gift he gave to all of us, a chance to celebrate Easter as a community, even from a distance,” Jones said.

Not to be outdone, the Easter Bunny was also spotted visiting the Noroton Heights Fire Department over the weekend.