EAST HAVEN — A 30-year-old man accused of robbing a utility worker while wielding a box cutter on Tuesday faces two felony charges in connection with the incident, police said Thursday.

Louis Pilotti was charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree larceny — both felony charges.

On Tuesday, police responded to the area of 55 Thompson St. for a reported robbery, according to Lt. Joseph Murgo. Before officers got there, a description of the suspect was dispatched.

The utility worker told the officer he was approached by the suspect, later identified as Pilotti, who pulled out an orange box cutter and put it against the victim’s arm and demanded money.

“The utility worker advised officers that he complied with Pilotti’s demands, who then rifled through his pockets, stealing his company cellphone and wallet,” Murgo said. “Once the suspect’s description was given out, officers searched the area.”

The suspect was spotted by Officer Nicole Burrell as he walked through the Countryside condo complex. After the officer talked to Pilotti, Murgo said, it was “clear” he was the suspect involved in the utility worker robbery. The officer handcuffed and detained Pilotti.

Pilotti then told officer he was living with a friend in the complex. Murgo said that friend gave police permission to search the residence. Inside, Murgo said, police found evidence related to the robbery — including the orange box cutter.

A Connecticut State Police trooper and K9 responded and helped police find the utility worker’s cellphone and clothes tossed by Pilotti near the residence.

Police said Pilotti was held on a $100,000 bond. Court records indicate his bond was dropped to $75,000 but that he was not released from custody. Pilotti is next in court on Oct. 1.