'Early Morning Sunshine' earns top honors in photo contest

Stanley Malecki's "Early Morning Sunrise" captured the flavor of the Tree Conservancy of Darien's Photography Contest, earning him Best in Show.

The winning photographs in the conservancy's "Celebration of Trees" contest were announced at a cocktail reception at the Darien Nature Center March 7. The conservancy received 135 entries for its second annual contest, which encouraged participants to capture the beauty of the majestic, historic, attractive and unusual trees in Darien.

A native of Poland, Malecki is an employee of the Wee Burn Country Club.

Winning Best in Show in the school-age category was 13-year-old Middlesex Middle School student Josiah Harris for "Waiting." Wendy Ward won first prize in the new category for bark photography with "Weed Peace."

More than 50 ribbons were awarded to other participants.

All entries will be on display at the Darien Nature Center, 120 Brookside Road, until April 25, and after that, they will be moved to the Darien Library.

The winners were:

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Elementary school, winter scene: Charlie Gosk, first place for "Blue"; Louisa Gosk, second for "Wood"; and Flora Gosk, third for "Roots & Rocks."

Elementary school, non-

winter scene: Louisa Gosk, first place for "Connected"; Sebastian Kelsey, second for "Talking to Trees"; and Sebastian Kelsey, third for "Pink Bloom."

Middle and high school, close-up monochrome: Josiah Harris, first and Best in Show for "Waiting"; C. Blair Marine, second for untitled; Josiah Harris, third for "Frozen"; and Isabella Howe, honorable mention for "Snowy Sentries."

Middle and high school, close-up duotone: Isabella Howe, first place for "Barking up the Right Tree"; Martha Harris, second for "Catching Powder"; Isabella Howe, third for "Forever Green."

Middle and hgh school, landscapes: Samantha Schrenker, first place for "Tree by the Sea" (triptych); Graham Helgans, second for "Solitude"; and Alexa Hearle, third for "Fall on Tilley Pond."

Flora and fauna: Burr Tweedy, first place for "Empty Nest"; Rosie Trompeter, second for "Beauty, Berries and Birds"; and Gabriele Abbott, third for "Treescape Habitat"

Series: Nancy Kelly, first for "Think Pink," and Karl Scaccia, second for "Pear Tree Point."

Spring flowering trees: Stanley Malecki, first place and Best in Show for "Early Morning Sunrise"; Ginger Morgan, second for "Spring Explosion"; and Pam Lindberg, third for "American Spring."

Winter, monochrome: Martha Bean, first place for "Magical Fence"; Michael Klehm, second for "Snowy Needles"; Mark Maybell, second for "Sole Survivor"; and Pam Lindberg, third for "Fenced In."

Winter trees: Martha Bean, first place for "Mystical Maple"; Joanna Bridges, second for "Blue Dawn"; Susan Cator, third for "Wintry Silhouette"; and Martha Bean, honorable mention for "Memorable Penny's Pine."

Winter trees with snow: Lisa Field, first for "Scott's Cove"; Lisa Field, second for "Contentment Island"; Stanley Malecki, third for "Wee Burn Lane"; and Tara Cochran, honorable mention for "Standing Guard."

Silhouettes: Michael Klehm, first place for "Protected Benches"; Michelle Saldivar, second for "Blue Dawn"; Craig Howe, third for "Sunset Over Weed Beach"; and Pam Lindberg, honorable mention for "Simple Beauty."

Fall foliage: Renee Leimgruber, first place for "Falling Roots"; Kathryn Lang, second for "Apple Green"; Michael Klehm, third for "Golden Arches"; and Stanley Malecki, honorable mention for "Autumn Sunrise."

Bark: Wendy Ward, first place for "Weed Peace"; Beth Gosk, second for "Paper"; Beth Gosk, third for "Glow Worm"; and Renee Leingruber, third for "Entwined."

Bark close-up: Harvey Mogenson, first place for "Nature's Collage"; Noelle Henderson, second for "Ruffles"; Sabina Harris, third for "Wrinkles in Time"; Linda Goodyear, honorable mention for "What is Hiding in My Bark."

Miscellaneous adult: Karl Scaccia, first place for untitled, and Gabriele Abbott, second for "Barking up the Right Tree."