Dynamic Athletics, a fitness training gym in Darien, is launching a group rowing class, aeROWbics, designed to deliver a high energy, low impact, full-body workout that can be scaled for all fitness levels. The program will roll out on Sep. 8, but Dynamic Athletics is offering free trial classes on Sep. 1 and 3 at 8:30am that are open to both current and non-members.

aeROWbics is an effective group class that combines cardio and strength training to create a highly efficient workout that will increase your endurance and train all major muscles including the core, legs, arms and back.

"There’s a general misconception that rowing is primarily an arm and shoulder workout. You’ll quickly learn, though, that it relies heavily on your core and legs," Bill Gallagher, Owner and Head Coach at Dynamic Athletics said. "Rowing is known to be one of the most efficient exercises there is."  

Participants aren’t constricted to the equipment throughout the 50-minute workout. Rowing is interspersed with regular intervals of intense strength work, which incorporates free weights and body weight movements. aeROWbics delivers total body results that will allow you to burn fat and calories long after the workout is done.  

"We are really excited about the launch of aeROWbics. It’s designed to be low-impact, highly-effective and a lot of fun," Gallagher said. 

Starting September 8, Dynamic Athletics will offer 50-minute group classes consisting of 12 participants on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30am. For more information, or to reserve your spot for the September 1 and 3 trial classes, please email Bill at bill@dynathletics.com.

Dynamic Athletics is an elite training facility located in the Goodwives Shopping Center at 25 Old Kings Highway North in Darien. A new take on the traditional gym, Dynamic Athletics offers an array of workout options designed to challenge, inspire and raise clients’ fitness levels beyond expectations. Dynamic offers personal training, group CrossFit classes, speed and agility-focused workouts, sports team training, and now, rowing. For more information, please visit dynathletics.com.