DARIEN — Police transported a 15-year-old Darien boy after finding him drunk and unconscious outside a Bishop’s Gate home.

Officers were dispatched to Bishop’s Gate on Oct. 28 at 11:33 p.m. on reports of underage youths loitering in the area. Police checked the area and didn’t see anybody. When officers went back to check again 20 minutes later, they saw a boy laying on the ground near the home from the original call.

Police attempted to speak to the boy, but he was unresponsive due to his intoxication. Police then called the ambulance, contacted his parents and had the boy transported to the hospital.

Upon observing the rear of the residence, officers saw numerous empty packs of Natural Light beer, Natural Ice beer and Bud Lite. The owner of the residence came out and met with officers at this point.

She told them her teenage daughter had about 20 friends over earlier in the evening for a Halloween party, but word got out and uninvited guests showed up with alcohol. The officers checked the home for drunk teenagers, but didn’t find any.

The owners of the home were cooperative and it was determined they didn’t supply the alcohol or know about it. No charges were filed.

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